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Serednikovo Estate

Учитель иностранных языков
Васильев Михаил Владимирович
Ученик 4 Б класса Михаил Нелюбов
Ученик 5 Б класса Иван Завертяев
МБОУ СОШ № 22 мкр. Сходня, г.о. Химки

We would like to tell you about Serednikovo estate – one of the most popular tourist attraction in the area where we live. About 40 minutes by train from Moscow the estate is on the outskirts of Firsanovka village. Serednikovo is the amazing 18th century manor house with great park. There are examples of 18th century furniture and collection of paintings in the house. It also has impressive halls, staircase, a dining room and a pretty sitting room. A supremely romantic garden with round pond and canals surrounds the house. The site preserves the timeless atmosphere and elegance of the classical 18th century estate. The courtyard has something interesting to look at: the coach house, the stables and the orangery. The local legend says that Mikhail Lermontov spent his summer holidays on the estate in the 1830s. In fact the estate belonged to Lermontov’s distant cousin. The history of Serednikovo goes back to 1775 when a noted politician Vsevolod Vsevolozhsky bought this patch of land, built the house and made it his summer residence. In 1825 Dmitry Stolypin, Lermontov’s grandmother’s distant relative, bought Serednikovo. In the 1990’s the estate was under restoration and now it is one of the area’s top attractions. The estate is a place for numerous events and festivals that take place there all year round.


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