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Zhundueva Alexandra,
8 a form pupil, secondary school # 5
Pervomaisky, Shilka District, Zabaikalye Krai.
Teacher: Lyubina Elena Anantolyevna

Pervomaisky is a town in Zabaikalye. It is situated in the south-east of it. My town is neither big nor small. It is among lovely hills covered with green birch trees and wonderful rhododendron. The population is 13,000 people. It is rather young. It was founded in 1956 by geologists. Ten kilometers away 2 nice rivers flow, the Ingoda and the Onon. Many years ago on the bank of the Ingoda there was the village of Zavitaya, where many Cossacks with their families lived and worked. My town is modern. There are long and straight streets with many-storied buildings, cottages and log houses. In the centre of Pervomaisky there is Komsomolskaya square with the monument to those who were killed in World War II. Their names are written on the monument. Opposite the War Memorial there is International Wars Worriers’ Monument. It is taken care by pupils of our school who are the members of Memory Organization. Not far from Komsomolskaya square there is my school #5. It is the best but not the only school in our town. There are 4 secondary schools, one vocational school, one art school. More than 1500 pupils go to schools. If you visit my town, you will see a big sports complex not far from my school. I am proud of our Palace of Culture, a big, good-looking building. The Museum of Regional Studies is worth visiting too. My town is the best place to live in!


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