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Лисовский Юрий Анатольевич
Нахимовское военно-морское училище
Учащийся 9 класса.
Преподаватель – Кузнецова Жанна Александровна

Yeisk is a resort town on the Azov Sea coast of Russia, the fifth largest town in the Krasnodar region. The population of the city is 87.3 thousand people. During the holiday season the city's population increases significantly due to holidaymakers. The city is located at the base of the Yeisk Spit, between the Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea and thу Yeiskiy estuary. The town's name comes from the river Yeia flowing into the estuary. In 1777-1778 the so-called Khan town was built on this place. It was supposed to be a spare capital of the principality of Russia headed by the Crimean Khan Shahin Giray. In 1783 at the walls of the Khan town a manifesto on the annexation of Crimea, Taman and the Right bank of the Kuban river to Russia was read in the presence of Alexander Suvorov’s troops. In 1847, Ataman Grigory Rushpeel suggested the foundation if a port city at the base of the Yeisk Spit. The idea was supported by the Prince Mikhail Semenovich Vorontsov, which resulted in the decree of Emperor Nicholas I on March 6, 1848 "On the foundation of the sea port city Yeisk ". The foundation day is August 19, 1848 (August 31, 1848 for a new style). During the Crimean War, 1853-1856 Yeisk was badly damaged by the attack of the British squadron. By the beginning of the XX century Yeisk had become a major trade and cultural center of the southern part of Russia. Since 1912, the city has developed the spa industry. The city is famous for its hydrogen sulphide water and the mud of Khan lake. Nowadays Yeisk has been listed as one of the historical places of Russia.


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