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The bright sights of Yoshkar-Ola

Виноградов Илья Андреевич
Образовательное учреждение МБОУ
«Лицей №28 г. Йошкар-Олы»
ученик 5 А класса

Yoshkin cat

My name is Ilya. I live in Yoskar-Ola. I want to tell about the bright sights of Yoskar-Ola. Yoshkin cat sprawled on the bench ... Where? Of course in Yoshkar-Ola! The sculptural composition of bronze "Yoshkin cat" weighing 150 kg was established on the 23 of June in 2011 in the center of the city near the main building of the Mari State University. Local students were not original, and then come up for a new tradition - for good luck, they rub the nose of the Yoshkin cat.

Mari chimes and the most punctual donkey

The bright sight of Yoshkar-Ola is Mari chimes, clocks on the central tower of the National Art Gallery. This is the most accurate in the Republic of Mari El hours, while they adjusted the signal from the satellite. But this is not the most interesting. At the beginning of each hour the crowd of onlookers and tourists gather to watch on a donkey. First, in the upper left corner of the opening hours of the gates there is the image of the Mother of God, and then in the lower left corner moves with her donkey, the symbol of the coming of Our Lady of Mari land. Donkey rides in the right lower gate. All this is accompanied by a musical introduction and struck the bells. "This chronometer is nowhere else in the world!" – I am very proud of Mari El.


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