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Андрей Лукин
Нахимовское военно-морское училище
Учащийся 9 класса,
преподаватель Рыбакова Людмила Максимовна

Snow caps of mountains, transparent air and healing waters - this is the Caucasus and its famous Mineral Waters. Every year thousands of people come here to rest and heal. And for me it is the best place on earth because my home is here. I like everything here - hot summer, rapid mountain rivers, friendly people and amazing history of this land. There are many legends connected with our country. My grandfather told me one of them when I was a tiny child.
A long time ago, the mighty eagle, the ruler of the heaven’s wide, was flying over mountains and valleys of Pyatigorye. And once when he became tired he decided to land on the mountain which is called Goryachaya now. But from the height he did not notice the snake that was hiding in stones. The snake was venomous and it hated the eagle as he flew so high that he almost reached the sun. The snake bit the mighty eagle in its chest and pain shot through its body. But despite of the pain the eagle strangled the snake with his sharp claws and killed it. But eagle’s strength failed him and he fell down from the mountain into the healing waters at the bottom of the mountain. And these waters washed his body and healed him. Since then, the eagle became the symbol of Caucasian Mineral waters.
My hometown Yessentuki is small but very cosy. About 100 thousand people live there. There are a lot of worth seeing things for both residents and visitors. For example, there is a famous fountain at the central square, the Yessen-Tuk highland, a central library building, local history museum named after V.P. Shpakovsky and many other places. In the evening you can go to a concert, disco or cafe.
Now when studying in St. Petersburg I really miss Yessentuki. I often tell my classmates about my hometown.


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