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Engels, the history of town

Кондратенко Александр Вячеславович
Нахимовское ВМУ
9 класс, 15 лет, преподаватель –
Кузнецова Жанна Александровна

Every town or city in Russia has its own history, its traditions, celebrities and memorable events. I would like to tell you about my city that no one knows except the natives of Engels. At the invitation of Empress Catherine the second some residents of European countries, especially Germans, Swedes and Dutch settled on the banks of the Volga River in Saratov region Intercession settlement. After a few decades the population of foreigners in the Saratov Volga began to increase and exceed 50 million, among them were philosophers, artists, musicians and public figures.
In the 20th century, Engels (Pokrovsky) was announced the capital of the Volga German Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. But because of the World War II the Germans were subject to great repressions on the part of our state, so some of them had been sent to their historical homeland - to Germany.
After the war the city was renamed in the honour of the Marxism founder Friedrich Engels. There are much more facts about the city. For example, Engels is a great industrial city: trolleybuses, mechanisms for railways, chemicals have been produced here.
Among famous people of Engels are the writer Lev Kassil, the composers Alfred Shnitkhe and Ascold Murov, the artist Andrey Milnikhov, the pilot-cosmonaut Yuri Shargin.


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