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Narva Triumphal Gate

Кибальчич Александр Владимирович
Нахимовское ВМУ
Учащийся 9 класса (15 лет).
Преподаватель английского языка –
Кузнецова Жанна Александровна

Narva Triumphal Gate is an architectural monument of the Empire style in St. Petersburg. It is located on Stacheck square near the metro station "Narvskaya". The Triumphal Arch was built in 1834. It’s height is 30 metres, width - 28 metres, the width of the span is more than 8 metres, the vertical clearance is 15 metres.
Originally the Triumphal arch was built to meet the Russian troops returning from Europe in 1814 at the Narva Gate, right at the town border near the Bypass channel. However, erected in 1814 on Giacomo Quarenghi’s project the gate made of wood and alabaster have quickly perished, and at the highest level it was decided to build a new gate on the Tarakanovki river bank , to the south of the former place. Since 1987 in the upper part of the gate the museum, presenting the attributes of the Patriotic War (1812) and theme exhibitions has been opened. In 1925, the restoration began, but it was interrupted by World War II, during which the gates were badly hit by shelling and bombing. After the war, the gates were restored more times: 1949-51, 1979-80, 2002-2003.
Nowadays the museum in the upper part of the gate continues to work.


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