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The Kremlin of Pskov

Двужильная Дарья
Нахимовское ВМУ
Ученица 9 класса.
Преподаватель английского языка –
Кузнецова Ж.А.

The Kremlin or Krom as the residents of Pskov call it, is located on a rocky cape at the merge of the two rivers - Great and Pskova. Its Wooden walls were erected in VIII - X centuries, in X - XIII centuries the first stone fortifications appeared then the construction of new towers, strengthening of fortifications and their escalating in height began. Two southern travel gates lead to the Kremlin. Only The Great (Troitsk) gate have remained by present days, as they had been reliably protected by the Troitsk tower.
Originally the Great gate was 5 - 6 metres below today's level, from what it is possible to draw to the conclusion about the power of Persej (the first stone wall of the Kremlin from the southern side). The height of the Persej walls exceeded 20 metres.
The deep ditch - Rowing, - laid by Pskovites parallel to Persej, has transformed the Kremlin into an unapproachable fortress. Nobody lived in the Kremlin. Here national veche gathered, foodstuffs stocks were stored, there were special areas protected by kromsky dogs. The theft from the Kremlin was considered a major offence and the thieves were punished to death.
On territory of the Kremlin there is Troitsk Cathedral, the most important church in Pskov.


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