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Илюшина Виктория Викторовна
Нахимовское Военно-морское училище
Ученица 9 класса, учитель -
Ставцева Оксана Михайловна

I would like to tell you about one of the remarkable sights of my hometown.
Priyutino is a picturesque corner of Vsevolozhsk town near Saint-Petersburg. It used to be an estate of Aleksey NikolaevichOlenin, the first director of the Public library, the president of the Academy of Arts, one of the few XIX century country houses preserved to the present moment. His wife, Elizaveta Markovna in 1795 bought 770 dessiatinas of land from baron G. I. Frederix. Due to the lack of means the construction of the country house lasted for two decades. A beautiful English garden was layed out on the pondside near the country house. The Olenins were famous for their hospitality all over Petersburg. Sometimes up to a hundred guests would gather in Priyutino. A. Grivoedov, Viazemski, M. I. Glinka, A. A. Aliabiev, I. A. Krilov enjoyed being here.
The history of Priyutino is tightly connected with the name of A. S. Pushkin, who was in love with the youngest daughter of the Olenins – Annetta. She was the one to whom Pushkin dedicated his verses “Magnificent City, Poor City”, “Her Eyes”, “I Loved You…”. Pushkin dreamed of marrying Anna. She was indeed one of the brilliant beautiful women in the days of Nikolay I: she spoke several foreign languages, painted well, loved to recite poetry, wrote plays for the theatre, sang magnificently. The plans of the poet though were ruined by an absurd accident…


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