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Chita, Chingishan’s Cup

Kazakov Nikolay Alexandrovich,
10 B form, Chita, School
№ 49 specializing in English
English teacher –
Inkina Nina Semyonovna

The most part of Chita region is situated in the mountains at a height of a kilometer above sea level. The most part of the ranges are cut by rivers and valleys. The native population explains such relief in their own way, so there are a lot of myths and legends with this.
One of these legends is connected with the name of Chingishan. On the left bank of the Onon river there is a lonely mountain in the form of a cup. In summer the water after the rain remains inside the cup for a long time in spite of dry weather. This mountain is called Chingishan Cup. The sizes of the Chingishan Cup are 9 meters in width and 4, 5 meters in height. It looks like a huge stone slab situated on some smaller stones. This cup is a symbol of worship for natives. Near the stone situated a wild apple tree, where blue shreds are tied most of all, because blue is the color of Eternal Blue Sky for Buddhists. Also there are Buddhist’s prayers and traditional Eastern symbolic on the stone, and there is a path around the stone slab. There is a tradition to walk around the stone uncountable times and on the way on point hand, like sun goes its day way.
According to the legend Chingishan was wounded with a poisoned arrow near this place. He needs to wash the wound, but the water in the nearest lake was salty, so it would be impossible. But luckily inside the stone cup on the bottom the warriors found rain water and washed Chingishan’s wound. So, Chingishan’s life was saved with this water. Since that time the mountain was named the Chingishan Cup.


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