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Chita, Religions in Zabaikalye

Makova Irina Vladimirovna,
a student of 10th form of school №49,
specializing in English,
town Chita, Zabaikalsky Krai.
My English teacher is
Inkina Nina Semenovna.

Some people say that Chita and Jerusalem are similar because of its religious tolerance. And it is so. Zabaikalye is original place where about 14 religions intertwine; such synthesis makes its own distinctive culture. I would like to present history of religions in this region. The most ancient religion in Zabaikalye was shamanism of Buryat and Evenkis. The first world religion which appeared here was Buddhism. It referred to the period after Genghis Khan’s reign. The second world religion, which came to Zabaikalye, was Orthodoxy. It began to spread here in 17th century, when Cossacks built here first settlements. At the same time, there were Old Believers here; they were in minority as compared with Orthodox Christians. There were a lot of professionals specializing in mining from other countries, and in 17th century here appeared Catholicism and Lutheran. Then came Judaism and Islam, because a lot of Jews were sent here for hard labor. During 20th century came Pentecostalism, Baptists, Jehovah's Witnesses and many other confessions.
Now in Chita you can find a lot of religious organizations, each of them have its place of worship. They are: Cathedral, Synagogue, Buddhist Temple, Mosque and many others. All of them constitute special architectural ensemble of Chita, underline its uniqueness and unity. Despite this mixing, every confession does not lose its originality. All organizations contact and interact with each peacefully and friendly.


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