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Chita, Legends connected with Alhanai

Dutchenko Irina Victorovna,
School № 49 specializing in English,
Form 10 A
English teacher is Inkina Nina Semenovna

We have many wonderful places in our region. One of them is Alhanai. There are a lot of legends about it. I’d like to tell you some of them. The first is about horinskaya Princess Balzhin Khatan, who had been married to mongol prince Buubei Beile. But the husband’s stepmother didn’t like the bride. She made her life terrible and in 1595 Balzhin run away from Mongolia. The Mongols followed her and almost captured her in the high mountains. To stop them, Balzhin cut one breast and threw it at their feet. On that place there appeared a white-milk lake Balsino. But it didn’t help and the followers caught Balzhin on the top of the mountain. Her death-cry of "Alkhanov" ("I’m being killed") gave the name to the mountain, and the blood and tears of Balzhin Khatan turned into a spring, flowing down to the foot of Alkhanai.
Another interesting legend is about ravers that are flowing near Alhanai. Hero Alhanai, obscuring the sun, didn’t have a son. But he had two daughters – Ilia and Duldurga. Everything Alhanai had he gave to his daughters. They grew in kindness and love and turned into beautiful brides. In this area there was no a guy stronger and more beautiful than Onon. The two sisters loved him very much. The elder sister was very beautiful and nice, but Onon loved Duldurga. Wishing happiness to her sister, Duldurga gave Ilia her beauty and died. Onon married Ilia and they went far into mountains. Left alone, Alkhanai could not stand being separated from his beloved daughters, and his heart turned into a stone. Since then, the river Duldurga flows into Ilia, and it runs into the arms of the Onon. And Alkhanai stands alone with a stony heart.


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