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Shumovsky Palace, history

Seregina Olga Anatol’evna,
Mihalev Vladislav Olegovich,
Form 10, Chita school № 49, specializing in English
English teacher – Inkina Nina Semyonovna

The name of the Shumovs in Chita is associated with one of the most beautiful buildings in the city - a mansion, built for the accommodation of the Shumovy’s family and of the city assembly. Very few people know that the project of the palace, created by the main architect of Chita, George StepanovichMosashvili, was highly praised at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1912. Executed in the eclectic style with elements of Baroque and late Classicism. A large 3-levels brick- built house with a ground floor and the L-shaped plan. The symmetrical facade is decorated with four risolits, completed two of the central four-sided dome, side by low parapets. Decorative parts are made in the unusual technique for Chita cement casting. The upper floor of the house is particularly rich in decor.
This building is known as "Shumovsky Palace." It was built by the company, established by the traders and gold miners Shumovy brothers. The construction was started in 1913, and by 1915 was built in the form in which we can see it every day on the Lenin st. № 84. Members of this family were always honest Russians - no matter what it was - imperial or Soviet. The palace, built by them in the city center, was designed for the 2nd Public Meeting. Shumovy’s gold mines worked under the Soviet regime until 1925. For many years members of this family have served the Motherland in different areas of the socialist economy.
In 1921 it accomadated the Government of DDA,
In 1922 - the National Public Library
In 1925 it was a Club
In 1937 in the building accomadated the NKVD.
Now FSB is in this building.


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