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Novobataisk, Rostov region

Горшенина Дарья,
7 класс МБОУ Новобатайская СОШ №9,
Кагальницкий район, Ростовская область
Лопатина Елена Николаевна,
учитель английского языка

In the south of Rostov region in 42 km from Rostov-on-Don there is a nice village Novobataisk. Most people who live here are descendants of the Ukrainians. The first settlers (there were 25 families) came to this place in 1807 but only in 1812 Novobataisk got the status of a village. The most important historical events at that time were the building of the first church in 1856 and the first school in 1867.
During the Great Patriotic War Novobataisk was occupied and for six months German soldiers stayed here. In February 1943 our army came and liberated the village and its people. There is a monument to the Soviet soldiers-liberators. After the war the village was reconstructed and from year to year it became more and more beautiful. Rich and interesting history of the village can be seen in its museum. Novobataisk is famous by its people and events. In 1960, for example, the third part of the film “Virgin Land” was made here and our people took part in it. The role of Fedotka was played by Vladimir Velichko who still lives in Novobataisk.
If you come to our village today you will see two large poultry factories, agro firm “Novobataiskaya” which is among the 300 best companies of Russia and was visited by the Prime Minister M. Kasyanov in 2000. You will admire beautiful nature, quite river Kagalnik, wonderful apple and cherry gardens, endless wheat fields. Novobataisk is beautiful in every season. Come and enjoy it yourself.


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