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Coat-armour of Orenburg

Кручинина Елена,
Кручинина Светлана,
4 «А» класс, МОБУ «СОШ №3» г. Оренбурга
Учитель: Клунова Валентина Алексеевна,
г. Оренбург

We live in Orenburg. We are twins.We want to tell about a coat-armour of our home city. The modern coat-armour of Orenburg is confirmed by the municipal duma on the 6th of February in 1996. Paintings are made by the artist I. K. Kuznetsov. A coat-armour consists of two fields of gold colour. A gold field is a symbol of wheat field. It means that Orenburg and Orenburg region has a heavy crop of wheat every year. It is a grain-producing granary.
Gold fields of the coat-armour are divided by a blue wavy stripe. It symbolizes the river Ural as a border between Europe and Asia. On the top of a big field you can see the two-headed eagle. It comes out of the waters of the river Ural. There are three historical crowns of Peter the Great above the eagle.
The artist I. K. Kuznetsov painted a red shield with the image of George the Victorious on the breast of an eagle. He killed a dragon with a spear. This action symbolizes a strength and a might.
On the lower gold field of the coat-armour there is a diagonal blue cross of Andrey Pervozvanny. It is the symbol of loyalty and faith. Orenburg is loyal to the Russian state. You can see a coat-armour on a flag of Orenburg. We are very proud of our home city.


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