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ГБОУ СОШ №2036 г. Москва
Любкина Алина 4А
Учитель Антонова Людмила Николаевна

Lyubertsy is a modern beautiful district center. It is situated on the Southeast from Moscow, near the Capital of Russia, in 18 km from Kremlin. The first mention of the town was made in records of the Russian state in 1623. “Nazarovo Libertsy also on the river Libertsy was owned by two masters. 6 peasant farms were owned by dyak Ivan Kirillovich Gryazev and 3 farms were owned by poddyachy Fedor Dementyevich Poroshin”. In 1632 the church was built (it exists no more) and the village became a township. Alexey Mikhailovich Romanov, boyars, prince Menshikov, Peter III were owned Lyubertsy lands.
Currently, more than 170 thousand persons reside in Lyubertsy. It is the largest industrial-agrarian district in Moscow region. This town is famous for its agricultural machines and well-known military helicopters “Black Shark” (this helicopter was invented at the Ukhtomsky factory), wool, semi-wool carpets and rugs of the Assosiation “Lyuberetskiye Kovry” and hothouse vegetables of the agro-firm “Belaya Dacha”, unique diamond tools and various building materials.
Lyubertsy inhabitants are proud of their talented wonderful citizens. In 1949-1951 Yury Gagarin, the pioneer of the space, was learning in the trade school №10 (now the State Trade Lyceum). The Lyceum bearing his name preserves the memory of its famous pupil. Our folklore and dancing groups repeatedly became prize-winners at international competitions. Our sportsmen won at World championships and Olympic games. Now I live in Lyubertsy. I like this town. I believe it will be beautiful flourishing European town.


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