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Смуток Елена Дмитриевна,
учитель английского языка, 5-11 классы,
МОУ «Лицей», г.Балашиха, Московская область.

Have you ever heard of this name? Have you ever seen it on the map? I suppose most of you will give a negative answer. But actually, Balashikha is an enchanting town in Moscow region. It is surrounded by attractive woodland and countryside. The population of Balashikha is 215,353. The town is situated 20 kilometers east of Moscow.
Balashikha is an unusual name in Russian. The word 'balash' is a Turkic word and can be translated as 'Inn'. Another account tells of a wealthy Tatar, named Balash who had his residence on this site. Most usual explanation is that it derived from the word 'balakh' which means caltha palustris plant. The earliest information about our town is met in chronicles of the 16-th century. The birth of Balashikha is due to the development of textile industry on the banks of the Pekhorka River, when the first cloth factory was built here by Prince N.I.Trubetskoy. The official status of the town Balashikha has received in 1939.
Nowadays, Balashikha is a modern town where the breathtaking beauty of nature, the splendour of ancient architecture and modern industry are harmoniously combined together. It is a developed industrial, cultural and scientific town with a lot of enterprises, educational institutions, museums and monuments.
Much attention is given to the development of physical culture and sports. There is a good sports base: stadiums, gymnasiums and Ice Palace “Balashikha Arena”. A new mountain –skiing complex gives people unlimited possibilities for mountain – skiing, skating and snowboarding. On the whole Balashikha is a placid but fascinating town. It is the place where everyone would like to go for the second time. There is something attractive and even magic about this town with its quiet parks, the sparkling river, beautiful churches and wonderful people with famous Russian soul!


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