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The temples of Uyar

Семёнова Алина, ученица 9 класс
МБОУ ДОД Центр Дополнительного Образования Детей
Уярского района, Красноярского края
Ясинская Анна Владимировна, учитель английского языка
МБОУ ДОД ЦДОД «Пионер» Уярского района, Красноярского края.

The Olgenskaya Church

There is a village Olgino in our region. There is a destroyed church now. The wood church was founded in honor of Princess Olga by order of His Imperial Majesty on the Moscow highway in 1898. The construction was held in day of Princess Olga 11 June. Money for construction was allocated from the fund of the Emperor Alexander the 3rd. The church was opened by the parish guardianship 1913. And churchwarden was chosen. The opening of the church and the first duty were held very solemnly and a large number of people. The church occupied a gainful geographical position: it stood on the crossroads of the Trans-Siberian Railway. Now the church is at the ruins. At the restoration of the church allocated 4 million roubles. The priest Andey Yahontov was born in 1863. There was one priest who had the salary consisted from 900 roubles a year.

Spaso-Preobrajenskaya Temple

The temple is one of the elder architectural monuments of the region. It was founded on the place of a chapel in 1874. The Uyar arrival was opened in 1816 .The Spaso-Preobrajenskaya temple was built by the Cossacks. The parish church school was built in 1911 where worked 3 teachers and learnt 130 pupils. The church was closed in 1938. The church was opened during the Great World War in 1940 and then never was opened. The first school was founded for three classes, where learnt 22 pupils. The first teacher was Suhanova Lidiya Alexandrovna. One of the first priests was Simon Ivanovich Rudakov who was born in 1862. He received 30 roubles a year. A church capital was 558 rubles. It serves the people are still where now serves father Grigori.

The church of the Presvyataya Bogoroditza

The church was founded in 1911. It situated in Novoalexandrovka. For today the church represents structure from 24 regions and about 150 house groups, and totals an order of 2000 parishioners and 100 attendants. At the basis of church pass tens various services: children's, youth, service of deaf persons, burial service, clearing service.


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