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Krasnogvardejsky district of St. Petersburg

Школа: гимназия №196
Участники: Виноградов Александр 6В класс; Папеян Лиана 5В.
Учителя: Панфилова Наталья Викторовна –
зам.директора по иностранным языкам;
Иванова Евгения Викторовна;
Крылова Анастасия Николаевна.

Krasnogvardejsky district of St. Petersburg is relatively young. In 2008 it celebrated its 35th anniversary. But its territories: Bolshaya and Malaya Okhta, Polustrovo, Rzhevka, Porohovie – are the oldest areas of St. Petersburg. The prehistory of our great city is associated with Okhta. The micro-district of the city is located on the left bank of the river Bol-shayaOkhta on the north of Porohovie. The railway station on the line Irinovskaya of Octyabrskaya railway is also called Rzhevka.
The word "Rzhevka" came into common parlance from the full name - Rzhevskaya settlement. Such names like Rzhevskaya Square and Rzhevskaya Street came from the name of that settlement. The appearance of the settlement refers to the 30-s of the XVIII century. That time captain Rzhev was the owner of the land bordering with the land of Okhtinskye settlers. The name of the settlements was taken from the surname of the captain. Rzhevka-Porohovie is different from other micro-districts of the Okhtain way of life and national composition of population. Hereditary porohovchane worked on the chemical plant. That plant was founded by Peter the Great in 1715. The women workedon at the textile factory “Pyatiletka”. Former peasants, who had come from different places in Leningrad, came to a heavy and harmful work.
People of different nationalities lived in harmony. They worked, had a rest and fun all together. There was, for example, Chinese farm "Krasny Vostok", where Chineese lived and worked. Finnish countryside stretched near Koltushi.Assyrians cleaned boots on the Commune Street. There was also a quarter of private houses with gardens and orchards, where cows, pigs and chickens were kept.


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