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The Chapel of Alexander Nevsky

Medvedeva Polina,
School № 49 specializing in English,
a 6B form pupil
Teacher – Nina Semyonovna Inkina

Alexander Nevsky Chapel was consecrated in September 2001, Remembrance Day of St.Grand Prince Alexander Nevsky. It is located on the Titov hill.
The particular attitude of Chita citizens to Alexander Nevsky is explained by the fact that Prince is the patron saint of border frontiers of Russia, and before the Revolution the cathedral in Chita was consecrated in honor of this particular saint. For several years there has been a legend among Orthodox Christians of our region that Alexander Nevsky probably came to Zabaikalye during his visits to the Khan's capital Karakorum. Although there is no reliable evidence to support this hypothesis, this legend is actively discussed by the Chita believers.
Before Revolution the Alexander Nevsky Chapel was situated in Atoman square in Chita. It was a stone building with some interesting icons. One of them was brought here by the heir to the Russian throne Nikolai Aleksandrovich. In revolution times the Chapel was destroyed.
The location of the chapel on the Titov hill is not occasional. It is explained by the fact that the place was sanctified by staying here of the heir to the Russian throne Nikolai Aleksandrovich during his travels in Transbaikalia in 1891. The building of the Chapel took place for some months. The icon of Alexander Nevsky for this Chapel was painted by Chita painters. There is an observation deck next to the chapel on the Titov hill.


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