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Chita, the church of Decembrists

Elizaveta Tudvaseva,
a six form pupil of Chita school 49,
specializing in English.

I love my birthplace, the town of Chita. There is no waterfall, but there are deep rivers and beautiful birch forests. It is a beautiful town, full of churches and museums.
The most interesting is the museum of Decembrists. Before it was called Mikhailovo-Arkhangelskaya Church, built in 1776. It is an old church and has the status of monument of wooden architecture of XVIII century. It is rather original because it combines modern and ancient architectural details. You know, that Decembrists took part in Decembrist uprising and they were send in Siberia in 1826. In 1827-1830 85 participants of events in Senatskaya Square lived in Chitinskii Ostrog. Decembrists came to pray in this church. Polina Gebel and Ivan Anntnkov, Dmitri Zavalishin and Appolinariya Smolyaninova were married in this church. Near the church you can see the grave of Volkonsky’s daughter Sophiya and the grave of Zavalishin’s wife. Nowadays the church is a Decembrists Museum. The exposition of the Museum is not so big, but it is very interesting. Here you can find not only the personal belongings of the prisoners, but also an interesting collection of letters and books that reflect that time, their hobbies and interests. The museum contains not only the documents of those years, but also paintings, watercolors copies of Bestuzhev, Repin. The museum organizes ”Decembrists nights”, concerning the life of Decembrists. The pupils of our school took part in the quiz “Decembrists in Siberia”.
The people of our town are very proud of this museum and they always visit expositions organized in it.


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