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Chita, May 9

Muromtseva Sasha
Educational institution: School №49

I want to be a journalist. So, I try to work in this difficult, but interesting way. I like to write short stories very much.

Once upon a time in Chita
I want to describe one event which took a place in Chita on the May of 2010. It was the 65th anniversary of the Victory over the Fascism Germany.This date will never be forgotten to honour the memory of the fallen heroes forever. In 2010 I studied at school №3. The children of our school got a chance to be chosen for the roles of the children liberted from concentration camps. Our rehearsals were long and exhausted but we liked the idea of itself. It happened on one of the days. There was some rumours about a terrorist attack. Supposedly, there was a bomb at the stadium where we were going an action. The menace was real, we heard of many acts of terrorism at that time. Many of us refused to take a part in the performance. But the main part of the participants had a firm decision not to give up. So, on May 9, in the evening the performance started. We were dressed in striped clothes. Our "mothers"(the students of Medical Academy) met us in tears. There was a loud cry "mama" at the stadium. When we were in our mothers embraces, the leader of the performance began to declare the names of the men who were born in our area and perished during the World War 2. All the time the veterans, the spectators and the participants heard the sound of Mozarts` "Requiem". It is difficult to explain my feelings. Everybody began to cry. We all were in one piece as if all the world kept silence to honour the people who were lost in the World War 2. At that moment, nobody thought about the terrorist attack. It was the pride for our heroic country. Nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten.


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