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The ethnographic museum in school № 60 Cheboksary

г. Чебоксары
Трофимова Надежда Захаровна
учитель английского языка

Enter a different world and this is what you do when you visit our ethnographic museum. The museum was founded in 2000. It contains more than 1000 exhibits. Most objects belonged to peasants, because the monuments of ethnic culture were more often preserved in the villages. Five permanent exhibitions reflect the traditional way of life of the Chuvash from the late 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries. A collection of garments introduces visitors to the Chuvash folk costumes of a splendid stylistic expressiveness. They were sewn of homespun textiles. The Chuvash women embellished them with embroidery and braids. Among the items on display are women’s costumes, men’s shirts, head-bands surpan, woven belts and footwear.
The interior of the Chuvash dwelling astonishes by the beauty and elegance of richly embroidered towels, curtains, napkins and table cloths. The floor, a wooden chest for keeping clothes and the benches are covered with bright woven runners. The museum also possesses a collection of wooden utensils for keeping and serving food and drinks. A greater emphasis is placed on wooden dippers, vessels and special utensils for home brewing. The exhibition of pottery contains pots, jugs, bowls and plates.A fine display of birch-bark, willow rod and bast articles amazes by the light and soft natural colour.
The exhibition of weaving equipment is very popular with visitors. It is presented with a wonderful collection of looms and carved spinning wheels. The looms stay with the threads pulled tight and the guides show how the Chuvash women wove cloth. The whirring of the spinning wheel and the rhythmic clacking of the loom creates a special atmosphere of by-gone days.
Visit the museum and discover the traditional world of the Chuvash people.


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