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The history of city Sergiev Posad

My name is Galya Gromyko.
I live in Sergiev Posad.
I study at school № 18 in the 10th form.
My teacher is Ivanova A.O.

I would like to tell about the history of my city and about the main sights. Sergiev Posad is one of the oldest settlements in Moscow region. That’s why tourists from all over the world visit our city .Trinity Monastery was founded in the mid-14th century in the northern suburbs of dense forests. When the monastery had been founded the peasants began to settle in the vicinity of it. The population of the area was increasing quickly: where had recently been a continuous dense forest, the villages and hamlets could be already seen. Holy Trinity Monastery in ancient times was a major military fortress on the distant frontiers of Moscow. From here went monks and warriors as Relight Oslyabya to the famous battle of Kulikov. The monastery received the baptism of Ivan the Terrible, in the reign of which the monastery was surrounded by a stone wall with 12 towers. In 1608 Polish army besieged the monastery for 16 months and didn’t win. In 1689 during a riot in Moscow Tsar Peter took a refuge behind the walls of the monastery. Sergiev Posad is a city of Golden Ring of Russia. The major tourist attraction is the ensemble of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. In 1744 according to the decree of Empress Elizabeth monastery was awarded the title of the monastery. In the walls of the monastery there is a remarkable historical and artistic museum-reserve. In the museum there is church plate, porcelain, paintings by Russian artists, for example Andrew Rublev. Being in Sergiev Posad visit the Museum of Toys. I’m proud of living in such gorgeous and great city as Sergiev Posad. I hope my town will always be one of the main historical and cultural centres.
Visit and enjoy the beauty of Sergiev – Posad.


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