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Streets in Sergiev Posad which were named by heroes of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945

My name is Maria Sleptsova.
I’m from Sergiev Posad.
I study in 10a class in the school № 18.
My teacher’s name is Ivanova A. O.

I’m fond of the history of my town. The Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 has given a lot of examples of devotion to the motherland. 21 of our country-men got the title of the Hero of Soviet Union.7 streets of Sergiev Posad are named after the Heroes such as A.D.Alekseev, I.G.Kuzminov, F.A.Kulikov, B.V.Mitkin, N.N.Simonenkov, A.P.Surikov, I.D.Shlyakov.

I.G. Kuzminov (1915-1945).He was dead on 16 April 1945 near Berlin.

B.V. Mitkin (1914-1943).He was dead on 20 October 1943 during the defense of the village Sadovoe Zhitomir region.

A.P.Surikov (1917-1943).He was dead on 1 December 1943 during the defense of the village Kirillovka Cherkessk region on the Ukrane.

I.D. Shlyakov(1920-1945).He was dead on 5 January 1945 to the east of Budapest.

A.D. Alekseev was born in 1902.Since his childhood he has been living with parents in Zagorsk.In 1930 he became pilot of polar aviation.Anatolia Dmitrievitch took part in 18 expedition.When the war began Anatolia Dmitrievitch was the commander of the squadron and the commander of the team.After the war he was a pilot-trialer of the 1 class.He died in 1974.

F.A. Kulikov was born in 1928 in Zagorsk.He began to work in 1934.In 1938 he was taken to the armored army.He became mechanic of tank.Fedor Alekseevitch participated in fights of Moscow, Stalingrad, liberated Vena, Prague, Budapest.He was rewarded the Hero of Soviet Union.He was died in 1977.

Simonenkov Nikolai Nikolaevich was born in 1922.He had lived in Zagorsk before and after the war.He was taken to the army in August 1941.In 1945 he became the commander of shooting company.Simonenkov was rewarded the title of the Hero. He was died in 1960.

Thanks to the streets’ names after these heroes we’ll always remember them.


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