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Нефедова Нина Дмитриевна.
Учитель английского языка
МОУ СОШ № 12 с УИОП.
Высшая квалификационная категория.

My home town is Egorevsk. It was founded in1778. Egorevsk is a cozy old town. Among its most beautiful architectural monuments of the past are the churches. One of them is St. Alexander Nevsky Church.
After the attempt upon tzar Alexander the second’s life made by the members of “Narodnaya Volya”(People’s Freedom) in 1871 the town head N.M. Bardygin at the special meeting of the town council proposed to built a church in commemoration of the tzar’s saving from death using the town money. St. Alexander Nevsky Church was sanctified in October 1897. The church has 5 cupolas and is designed for 3 thousand parishioners. There are 3 altars in the church. Its iconostasis is of Byzantine style, the interior is decorated with painting.
In 1892 the town head N.M.Bardygin wanted to build a charitable institution and a nunnery. It was his wife’s idea. She was much younger than her husband and wanted to be a nun after her husband’s death. But she did not outlive her husband. But N. Bardygin still wanted to build a nunnery. In 1899 the charitable institution was opened and a very beautiful stone fence was build around the Trinity Cathedral and the nearby buildings. This construction resembled the certain features of Moscow Kremlin. The nunnery was opened and next year it was given a name The Holy Trinity Mariinskiy Nunnery.
Alexeyevskaya Church in Nechaevskaya street known for its iconostasis was build by one merchant who got a lot of money in a lottery. The oldest church is Kazanskaya Church. This wooden church was destroyed by fire in 1980-s and rebuilt in our time. St. Georgiy Church is Old Believers’ church. Nowadays money is being collected to rebuild its Bell tower.


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