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Kemerovo. Pinewood in Kemerovo

Шевелёва Анастасия Сергеевна.
10 «А» класс, МБНОУ «Городской классический лицей».
Учитель - Ерофеева Александра Алексеевна.

It is down-the-line said that there is no place like home. I’d like to tell you about my favourite place of the town in where I live. It is a pinewood - the place where you can relax and rest with all your heart and soul. The pinewood is situated on the right bank of the river Tom. In winter, there are a lot of skiing pistes that are paved by people. Also, there are a lot of hotels and health resorts, where you can treat and cure you body or go skiing and snowboarding. The nature is amazing: transparent air, beautiful landscapes and powerful trees, which lift to the very sky! In winter, there are always lots of ski or snowboard competitions held in the middle of the season. The great number of people go there to enjoy the performance of the best skiers and skaters. They stay in a peaceful hotel and have a good time. Besides, it is very important for people who live in Kemerovo to breathe clean unspoiled air due to the environmental problems of the area.
Summer is also the best time to visit pinewood. It is a good place for picnics, overnight stops with tents and barbecue. By the way, the nature in this season is fantastic, so if you want to take nice pictures and share those with friends in social sites - go ahead! The best things in this time are daisy fields, because of there virgin beauty and smell. Besides, you can find useful and medical herbs there. In August, my family and I go there to pick up flowers and mushrooms, which are in abundance in this month.
All in all, pinewood is the place where you can relax and try something extreme at the same time. It is the place, where you can think about everlasting all alone. For me, it is the best place to make important decisions, because there your body and soul combine as a unit.


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