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Pskov, interesting places

Ярослав Литвиненко.
Город Псков, школа номер 23.

Pskov is my home town. It has a long history and interesting places of attraction. For example: Trinity Cathedral, monuments to Pushkin and Alexander Nevsky and many others. But I want to tell you about one little-known place of my city-the temple of the Cover and Christmas of Virgin Mary. The history of the double church of the Intercession and Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God dates back to 1399 when the first church, which was named the Intercession of Our Lady was built. In 1582 after the siege was broken the grateful inhabitants of Pskov together with Ivan Petrovich Shuisky, who was an army officer who had been sent to help with the defense of the town, organized the reconstruction of the intercession church and added one more building which became the Nativity of Our Lady Church. The two churches which were combined into one then had the distinctive Pskov belfry built between them to complete the unification of the two churches. The church now stands as a monument to the courageous defense of Pskov. Within the church is a commemorative list of the inhabitants who perished during the siege and which acts as a reminder to future generations of their heroism and courage. The renowned icon "Our Lady Pskovo-Pokrovskaya" with an eternal flame affixed in front of it was also kept there until it was stolen by the German forces during World War II. The impressive gild frame of the icon was made of silver and beautifully adorned and tells the story of blacksmith-monk Dorofei and the events connected with the assault undertaken by Stephan Batoriy's army On October 27, 2006 Father Vladimir was assigned as the first priest of the revived church the Intercession and Nativity of the Holy Virgin. Henceforward church services are now carried out regularly on religious holidays.


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