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The Museum of the Air Force of the Northern Fleet in Safonovo

Великанов Кирилл Владимирович
МБОУСОШ № 36 г. Мурманска
Учитель английского языка
Булатецкая Галина Николаевна

I live in Safonovo. It is named after Boris Safonov. He was a pilot and a hero of the Soviet Union (twice). Safonovo is not far from Murmansk and it is not far from Severomorsk. I live in Preobrazhenskogo Street. It was named in honour of Eugenie Nickolaevich Preobrazhenskiy, the hero of the Soviet Union.
Our settlement is famous for the complex of museums which consists of the Museum of the Air Force of the Northern Fleet, Yury Gagarin’s house and a hangar with military technique. That’s why 16000 people visit our museum every year. The Museum was founded in June 30, 1975 but it was opened in August 20, 1976. It tells us about the development of the Air Force from 1936 to present days. The Museum consists of three main halls. In a hangar there are 18 airplanes and some tanks which are represented as the examples of military technique.
You can visit Yury Gagarin’s house. He lived in the house when he served in the Air Force of the Northern Fleet. In April 2011 the memorial plague was opened in it. You can read that he was a pilot and he was proud of it.
As for me I am proud of living in Safonovo where such famous and heroic people lived.


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