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The Kola Peninsula, land of flying stones

Балабанова Ольга Юрьевна.
МБОУ № 6 с углубленным изучением английского языка,
Апатиты, Мурманская область.
Преподаватель английского языка 1 категории.

The Kola Peninsula is considered to be the land of mysteries. The indigenous population is the Sami who are known for their fairy tales and legends. From the ancient times it has been known that the Sami are strong sorcerers and shamans-noids. Ivan the Terrible asked the help from the Sami many times. The magic of the Sami is closely connected with the cult of Seids or “flying stones”. Seids are groups of stones based one upon the other. Sometimes Seids look like strange pyramids. The legend says that souls of dead shamans-noids move into huge stones. From that moment the stones are not stones any more but “flying stones” or Seids. Also the Sami believe that dead shamans-noids help people from their tribes. The legend also predict that one day all Seids can break off the land and fly away.
There are many scientific theories about the origin of Seids. One of them is the theory of ancient glaciers. Proponents of the theory believe that huge boulders fell to the ground and formed a bizarre pyramid during the melting of the glacier ice. The other version is that the ancient stone pyramids had been constructed by the ancient Sami. Indeed, many of the small Seids could easily be built by a man. But there no facts the Sami themselves used to create something like that. Some of the Seid legends say that prehistoric giants created Sieds with a help of the earth and the sky.
We are not going to argue with science. But how beautiful is the legend about huge stones that can break off the land and fly away.


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