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Moscow. Gorky Park

Абасова Адель Теймуркызы
ГБОУ СОШ № 19 имени Белинского
Ученица 7 класса «А»
Учитель – Быкова Надежда Ильинична

My favourite place in Moscow is Luna Park or Gorky Park. I think this is a good place for having fun with your family and friends, especially at summer. There are a lot of crazy attractions. Thanks to these attractions the park has become more popular. One part of the park is for teenagers and the other is for small kids with no scary attractions. In teenagers’ part there is also a small zoo with wild baby animals, so we can just come to the zoo, hug them and take a picture. Everybody wants to eat or drink something after attractions. In this park there are some cafes with delicious food. My favorite attraction is "The Cave of Fears". It really looks like a big cave. When you come in, you take your seat and go to the bottom of the cave. It's very scary there! There are very frightening monsters and ugly movie characters like Freddy Krueger. And the scariest thing is the waterfall which you can see in front of you. You come close to it and you know that you will be wet in a few seconds, but the waterfall stops just an inch from your legs. At the end of this small adventure in the cave you stop near a man. The man sits in his chair with his sunglasses on and you think that it's another artificial figure, but this man stands up, comes to us and asks, "Did you like the trip"? I felt so good when I came out of this dark cave to a sunny street with no Freddy Krueger around.
In winter almost the whole park is covered with ice and everybody skates. I love to hang out in this park every summer or spring, because when you come there you never want to leave.


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