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Островская Олеся, 7класс
МОБУ СОШ № 5, г. Зея Амурской области
Учитель: Наталья Владимировна Ковалёва

If you look at the map of our country you’ll find a little spot in the north of the Amur region It’s my native town Zeya where I live and study. The town and the river on which it stands have the same names.
Severe climate, difficult terrain, rough taiga and gold beds make our place attractive for fortune hunters, gold diggers and romantic people. “The place marked by God”, - say about Zeya old residents. Aboriginals call it “the place of happiness and success”. Actually, this nook of earth where grey range Tukuringra adjoins severe Sokhtahan has a happy fate.
According to the old legend the old Sokhtahan fell in love with the young daughter of Tukuringra - Zeya. He gave her many presents but the obstinate beautician was inflexible. She dreamed of handsome Amur. Furious Sokhtahan turned the young girl into the river. But the enamored river rushed to her fate. Anxious Tukuringra and angry Sokhtahan turned into the rocks. And up to now these majestic witnesses of the past surround the river and the town.
People came and reconciled two old enemies connected two ranges by the dam. In the seventies of the last century the biggest in the Far East hydroelectric power station was built. It opened a new era of “large” power engineering in our region. But the most exciting place to visit is the Zeya reserve. The area of this unique complex is about 100 000 hectares. It combines tundra, forest massif and cedar elfin wood. Thanks to reserve regime there is a habitat for many species of animals: foxes, brown bears, sables, moose deer, gluttons and others. It’s a surprising harmony of man and wild life in Zeya!
Welcome to our wonderful place and you’ll fall in love with it!


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