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Robinson Crusoe in Zabaikalye

Pavlov Semyon Maksimovich
School №49 specializing in English
Form 6 A

In 1719 English writer Daniel Defoe had written the book “The Life and Unusual Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, the Sailor from York”. This book was very famous all over the world. But many people didn’t know that Robinson had visited Chita.
In 1719 Daniel Defoe had written two books else: “The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe” and “Serious Reflections of Robinson Crusoe”. In the second book Robinson went round the world for ten years and came back to England through Siberia.
The sailor from York told: “On the 13th of April we have reached the west bank of the Argun river. I was glad to visit the Christian country… We stayed in the village Ploty”. «Chitinskoe Plotbishe» – is the old name of Chita. In the Defoe book it became the village Ploty. Robinson said: “We noticed that soldiers in garrisons were Russian and confessed Christianity. Other people were pagans and they worshiped to the Sun, to the Moon and to the stars”.
Near Nerchinsk Robinson Crusoe had burned wooden idol of aborigines. The heathens were indignant at this action. Robinson and his friends were saved by a miracle from the enraged crowd.
In 18th century Dauria was unknown and unbelievable for Englishmen. Even educated Europeans thought that only barbarians lived there. Robinson’s way was the same as the way of Russian embassy in China in 1693 and 1695. Perhaps Daniel Defoe took the description of Siberia from the embassy’s diary.


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