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Chita, Kamvolno-cloth industrial complex

Dremina Mariya
School #30, form 11, Chita
English teacher: Polyakova V.G.

I’d like to tell you about KSK or the kamvolno-cloth industrial complex. It had been well developed during the Soviet epoch. Chita’s kamvolno-cloth industrial complex was built in the area of 16 hectares. Designed capacity was 20 million running meters of fabrics and 8000 wool yarns in 1959. The first peg had been hammered on a platform of the future building in April, 1961. A start-up of industrial complex took place on December, 30th, 1968. Its length was 588 meters and width of 240 meters. It included five manufactures. It was the largest in the country and made 28,3 million square meters a year. Its production went to 400 cities of the USSR, to Italy, Afghanistan, Korea, Hungary, and Mongolia. Sever thousand persons worked in 15 workshops of industrial complex, from 150 persons are awarded by awards and medals of the Labour Red Banner. The place where I was born called KSK, because the majority of it’s population worked at the complex. Our KSK is growing and developing in spite of the bankruptcy of complex in December, 1997. Now, complex popular became very place for people, though it was ruined. But people take photos and even walk here looking for ghosts of past histories.


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