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Some facts of Teguldet

Колесников Даниил Александрович, 9 класс
Руководитель: Исаева Ирина Анатольевна
МОУ «Тегульдетская средняя общеобразовательная школа»

Teguldet coat of arms
My name is Daniel Kolesnikov. I live in Teguldet in Tomsk region which is situated at a distance of 250 km from Tomsk. My native place stands on the Chulym River surrounded by fine forests of pine, birch, cedar and fir trees. Teguldet was founded in November 20, 1935. In the 50s of the twentieth century the geologists discovered oil deposit here. In 1956 they began to drill chinks to get oil from the earth's crust. But oil layer lied at the great depths and the drilling had been to stop. There was revealed resource of underground hot water with smell and taste of hydrogen sulfide. In the 80-90s the local inhabitants started to use "burovaya" water for drinking. In those years a group of scientists examined this water and it was admitted as medical mineral water. Now the water is known as “Omega” which has got 4 medals "400 best goods of Russia".
A museum of local Lore is another interesting sight in Teguldet. It was founded by a local ethnographer V. A. Novokshonov in 1994. The museum is situated in the middle of the settlement, surrounded by a picturesque birch wood. It occupies 4 rooms. There is a great exposition about the nature of Prichulymja: a collection from 40 stuffed birds and animals, bones of ancient animals. The particular interest has the exhibition illustrating a life of aboriginals: sledge, skis, tools for skin processing, birchback boxes and other original craftwork items. One of the halls is devoted to the heroic act of Teguldet people in Great Patriotic War. Here have been held different excursions, conversations, meetings, various thematic actions that help to understand and learn more deeply the history, customs and traditions of native land. Love to native land is an ever-living theme.

  • burovaya water
  • A museum of local Lore
  • A collection of stuffed birds
  • craftwork items
  • an exhibition  illustrating a life of aboriginals


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