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Holy Places of native land: SELIZHAROVO

Голубева Марина Евгеньевна,
учитель английского языка
высшей квалификационной категории
МОУ СОШ №1 п. Селижарово Тверской области

Selizharovo is a quiet provincial town of Tver region located in the centre of the Valdai Hills where the Volga finishes its wandering over marshes and lakes and flows out of Lake Volgo. It stands on the banks of three rivers: the Volga, the Pesochnya and the Selizharovka, which is the only river flowing out of Lake Seliger. The nature strikes travelers with its primeval beauty of dense forests, clear air, pure water, rich vegetation and animal life. The local residents are especially proud of the ancient history of their place.
In the first centuries A.D. the territory was populated by Finno-Ugric tribes that later merged with the Slavic tribe krivichi. Nestor in his chronicle mentioned the territory under the name of Okovsky Forest in the 11th century A.D. Because of its boundary position for almost 5 centuries it was the arena of endless internal wars between Vladimir-Suzdal, Smolensk, Tver and Moscow Principalities. There were erected numerous fortresses among which was the Troitsky Selizharov monastery, a large religious, economic and cultural centre that had great influence on all the aspects of life of the area. It is known that the Russian tsar Ivan the Terrible visited the monastery in 1547. Among the sponsors of the monastery were many famous Russian people of different ranks: Princes Georgy Trubetskoy, Ivan Golitsin, Vasiliy Putyatin, Yury Dolgoruky; boyars Ilya Miloslavsky, Ivan Anichkov and others. The most precious and sacred gifts of the monastery was the Icon to Saint Panteleimon from the Afon monastery in Greece.
The Church of St. Peter and Paul dated the 15th century is the oldest and the only one left till the present time of the monastery complex. The building strikes with its fundamental, strict style of Tuscan architecture. Specialists compare the church with the famous Hall of Facets in the Moscow Kremlin. Religious service began after its reconstruction in 1997, and the magnificent bell-tower was rebuilt in its original place in 2008. Hence the past and present have united in the solemn sound of the bells that make people put away their everyday problems and think of the eternal.


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