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Беднягина Марина Владимировна,
учитель английского языка
МБОУ СОШ № 32 с углубленным изучением отдельных предметов
г. Нижнего Тагила Свердловской области

Nizhny Tagil is the second largest city in Sverdlovsk Region after Yekaterinburg. It stands on the banks of the Tagil River at the borderline between Europe and Asia. Tagil was founded in 1722 by the Demidovs at the foot of Vysokaya Mountain. About 400,000 people live here. Tagil is a large industrial centre where light and heavy industries are well developed. There are many plants and factories here. The biggest are metallurgical plant producing steel and rails under the famous brand “Old Sable” and the Urals Car-Building Plant which makes freight cars, tanks, excavators, mini-loaders and others. There are chemical and mechanical plants in our city. Clothes, plastic, trays and toys are produced in our city, to.
Despite its industrial power the city is a cultural, educational and sport centre, too. There are many schools, colleges and universities. Tagil is full of clubs, museums, galleries and parks, squares, cathedrals and historical sights. The city’s heart is Theatre Square with the Drama Theatre and the monument to the father and son Cherepanovs, the inventors of the first Russian steam engine. Here is the Mining and Metallurgical College, the oldest in the Urals. The Local Lore Museum is housed in the building of the Demidov's Mining Management near the old Demidov's Works. From Lisya Hill, Tagil’s symbol, there’s a magnificent view of the city.
Tagil has two TV stations broadcasting the local news and programs for adults and children. Many guests visit it to see its famous Railroad and “Ural Expo Arms” exhibitions.
Tagil’s suburbs are rich in mineral resources: iron ore, gold and platinum, malachite and precious stones. They are also known for their beautiful landscapes. The citizens of Nizhny Tagil are proud of their city and do their best to make it better.

  • Sergei Radonezhski Cathedral
  • Theatre Square
  • The view of the city from Lisya Hill
  • The Ural carriage-building plant
  • The plant-museum
  • The Cherepanovs’ steam engine
  • The borderline between Europe and Russia
  • The Ural Expo Arms exhibition


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