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The spring water in Khabarovsk

LapshinaYana,15 years old
Form 10 set. Bichevaya
District Lazo Khabarovsky Krai
Gasparyan Elena Vladimirovna

Everybody likes to look at the running water. And I belong to this category too. What can be better than to listen to purling water, admire the beauty of nature and forget about everything?
I live in a very far village in the Far East of Russia. There is a place you can’t see on any map but you can see it in our hearts. For some years my friend and I try to save this beautiful and important place. We take care of it.It is a little spring water situated by the road which connects Khabarovsk with Nakhodka. It is like a drop of life. Forced through the earth spring water gives moistureto green grass, to a small birch, to a little mushroom, to a little bird and to people, too. Everybody knows about this water spring and stops to have a rest and to drink some water. When you drink this water you drink the power of the earth and think about running time and immortal nature. You can feel flowing strength into your body drop by drop and understand your responsibility for nature. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who thinks they are hosts of nature. But I’m sure we are only guests on this planet. This little water spring said it to me.
I always look forward to coming back there because this place is magic. It gives me vitality and wisdom.


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