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Khabarovsky Krai

Sin Victoriya, 15 years old
Form 10 set. Bichevaya
District Lazo Khabarovsky Krai
Gasparyan Elena Vladimirovna

There are fretted houses and beautiful flower beds with wild and decorative flowers, a wooden bridge across the stream. Everything is surrounded by secular cedars. In their shadow Luyty, the strong and independent tigeris yawning. Its proud and naughty look shows who the host ishere.And near growling and screeching little bears are sharing meat; slim red deer are eating grass and leaves; the lynx is observing everything with guarded look; a wise owl and a hawk are looking from trees; red foxes are running with a piece of meat there and here, and can’t decide: eat or not to eat. It’s not a fairy tale or my phantasy; it’s a real world where the man and nature live in the harmony. This magic place was founded by the tiger catcher Vladimir Kruglov inKutuzovka in 1996. Tourists from all the Far East of Russia and abroad go there to look at wild animals and to rest, although it takes two hours to get to the rehabilitation center for wild animals “Rock” from Khabarovsk. The main attraction is the magic nature: wild grapes and pines, aralia, far eastern palm tree, and cranberries, ginseng and yew – tree, rich fauna. It’s beautiful in any season, the air is clean and the water is not polluted. When you are here you enjoy being in nature and value silence and calmness. Only being in such places you can think about another world surrounded our technological worldwhich lost its chastity.


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