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Cultural life in Nizhnekamsk

Чернышова Алёна Валерьевна, 6Э класс.
МБОУ «Лицей 14» г. Нижнекамска,
Республики Татарстан
Учитель английского языка:
Калимуллина Лейсан Ильясовна

Nizhnekamsk is proud of its wonderful dancing groups. Famous all over the republic ensemble of song and dance «Nardugan» was founded in 1984. Now it is laureate of different prestige festivals. People not only in Russia but also in Hungary, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Tunis and Romania enjoyed its bright, colourful, grace dances and beautiful songs. Among other popular dancing groups in Nizhnekamsk there are people’s ensemble of dance and song «Yashlek», choreographic centre «Pestraya Compania», dancing theatre «Navruz» and others.
While speaking about cultural life of Nizhnekamsk we must mention Nizhnekamsky museum of history. Today there are more than eighteen thousand exhibitis there. They show history and life of Nizhnekamsk. Special exhibitions are devoted to industrial plants of the town. Exhibition «Nizhnekamskaya starina» gives imagination about life of the region from ancient times, about customs and traditions of native people. You can see here ancient books, documents and coins. Pictures of tatar painters are special proud of the museum. You can’t stop admiring wonderful works of the laureate of state Prize of Tukay, people’s painter Aschan Fatkhutdinov, Member of International Federation of painters in UNESCO Ildus Murtazin, Member of Painter’s League of the Russian Federation Gennady Khapitov and others.
This is only a small part of cultural life of Nizhnekamsk. Nizhnekamsk is a young town, it is a town of future where they carefully grow young talents, that will become the proud not only of Nizhnekamsk but the whole Tatarstan, whole Russia.


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