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Culture of Nizhnekamsk

Кудряшова Виктория Андреевна, 6Э класс.
МБОУ «Лицей 14» г. Нижнекамска,
Республики Татарстан
Учитель английского языка:
Калимуллина Лейсан Ильясовна

Cultural life in Nizhnekamsk is rich and diverse. One can see this in children’s Palace of Culture, in concert halls of People’s Creativity House, centre of Childrens Creativity, artistic colledge and musical school named after great Tatar composer Salikh Saidashev. About thirty of it’s students are laureates of republic and regional competitions and four of them are the laureates of international competitions. This school is by right considered to be the cultural and methodics centre of the town and region.
It is difficult not to agree that the face of the town is its talented people. Many talented people live in Nizhnekamsk. Ten theatrical, eleven musical, thirteen dancing and quite a number of other creative groups organize their performances in more than fifty regions of Tatarstan and the Rusian Federation.
If you visit Nizhnekamsk you just physically feel that the air itself here is filled with the energy of creativity: almost every townsman paints pictures, writes poems and composes music, dances and sings songs.
One of the best theatrical groups in republic is Nizhnekamsky tatar drama theatre. In its repertoire there are more than 30 performances. Among them there are «Life with three wives» by Gayaz Iskhaki, «Meeting with the Youth» by Tufan Minnullin and others. Young but talented actors M. Fattakhov and balet-master Z. Khosanova bring success to this theatre.
Great attention is paid in Nizhnekamsk to musical groups. Among them there are choral group (artistic leader Z. Popova), chamber orchestra (artistic leader S. Zagrieva), tatar people variety ensemble «Ilkham» (artistic leader I. Khismatullin) and others.


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