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Nizhnekamsk and Krasny Klutch

Игнатьева Дания Альбертовна, 6Э класс.
МБОУ «Лицей 14» г. Нижнекамска,
Республики Татарстан
Учитель английского языка:
Калимуллина Лейсан Ильясовна

Nizhnekamsk is a beautiful, green city. There is a small village- Krasny Klutch not far from the town. You can visit the favourite place of the inhabitans-the Holy spring. It has been for many years, all people love this place and come here to celebrate weddings and some religious or just relax among the trees with the view to the river Kama. The Holy Spring has an interesting history. Merchants Staheevs bought the property Holy Spring in 1882. The icon of Prelate Nikolay Chudotvorets is told to be found here. Muslims say, the Bulgarian Imam was buried there. Ioann Kronshtadsky came here. Having bought the Holy Spring, Staheevs began to build the summer residence on high bank of river. They have surrounded the houses with gardens, greenhouses, fountains.
Holy Spring has been utterly reconstructed and improved by the 35th anniversary of the city. The idea was turned into life by the famous local artist and designer Vladimir Nikolsky, whose talent in the sphere of landscape architecture revealed itself very expressively. Natural rubble stone on each step of broad stairs which lead to the new rebuilt embank-ment of the river Kama, severe metal grating decorated with patterns plus original lamps absolutely changed this prohibited nature corner. In restored chapel three memorial boards were placed. One board experts from the Koran, another one from the Bible and the third one gives short historical information about the origin of Holy Spring.


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