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The legends of Mari El

Неберикутья Елена Владимировна
Образовательное учреждение МБОУ «Лицей №28
г. Йошкар-Олы» учитель английского языка.

Our country is large. There are a lot of wonderful and beautiful places in our country. I would like to tell you about the republic Mari El. The capital of Mari El is Yoshkar-Ola. This magnificent town is called “the pearl of the Volga region”. Mari El is rich in dense forests, groves, splendid lakes and springs. Native people are called Mari. The majority of Mari people are pagans. They worship nature, animals and birds. So that`s why there are a lot of legends about Mari El. I want to tell you about the Green Spring. The water is wonderful in this spring, it can change its colour, so it can be dark green, blue or malachite green, it all depends on weather. Legends say that many years ago there was a small village on the banks of the spring. The inhabitants of the village spend their time fishing and hunting. There was a handsome man, every girl falls in love with him. But he did not pay attention to anyone. Once he went hunting, when he was near the spring, he heard a divine song. He began to scramble through the bushes and suddenly saw a mermaid with long marvelous green hair. He was staring at her the whole evening. The next day the man went to the spring and spend the night listening to the divine songs, admiring the beauty of the mermaid. Gradually they got acquainted. The mermaid lost her heart to the man. So did he. The man persuaded the mermaid to live with him. The nice mermaid agreed and turned into a beautiful girl but only green colour of her hair betrayed her magic essence. They live happily but people were afraid of the mermaid. Some years passed and the king of the water found out that his daughter had left his waters. The king became angry and decided to flood the village. The water began to flood, the mermaid saw it and dived , at that moment the water returned into the spring. The king punished his daughter, her hair became the bottom of the spring. Unfortunately poor man ran mad. This is one of the wonderful Mari legends.


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