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The Nativity of the Virgin Bobrenev Monastery

Ученица 5«Б» класса Петрова Олеся.
Учитель английского языка
Аникеенко Наталья Николаевна,
высшая квалификационная категория.
Муниципальное бюджетное общеобразовательное учреждение
СОШ № 12

When visitors come to Cathedral Square in the Kolomna Kremlin they see across the Moskva River snow-white walls and sky-blue churches. This is the Nativity of the Virgin Bobrenev Monastery. It is located in the settlement Old Bobrenevo in the suburbs of Kolomna, only 1 km away.
The history of the Monastery started in the 14th century. It appeared on the pledge of the Grand Prince Dmitry Donskoy to honor the victory of the Russian Army over the Tatars in the Battle of Kulikovo. Blessed by Sergius Radonezhsky and financed by the Prince’s friend Bobrok-Volynets, it began its life in 1381.
At the end of the 18th century the Monastery was reconstructed and enclosed with a stone fencing and towers in the corners, designed by M.F.Kazakov.
Since 1865 there were a constant number of people living there: the father-prior, the treasurer of the Monastery and brotherhood. The Monastery was situated on the roadside of the well-known track Moscow– Vladimir and gave shelter to pilgrims. At the beginning of the 20th century a parish school was opened here, but in 1934 the Monastery was closed by the local authorities. The legendary relic fell into a long-term decay.
The revival of the Monastery began in 1991 and on 18 July 1992 Metropolitan Juvenalium served the first Divine Liturgy there.
Nowadays this place attracts a lot of tourists. Every day the brotherhood prays to remember and honor the warriors that perished in the bloody fight in Kulikovo Field. People from all over Russia arrive to the Monastery to pray, to admire the architecture of the Nativity of the Virgin Cathedral and listen to its unique acoustics of “Singing Angels”, to get the blessing of the father-prior and have a touch on the holy icon “Mother of God Feodorovskaya”.


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