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Moscow, Izmaylovskiy Park

Журавлев Егор Андреевич
ГБОУ СОШ №1373
Ученик 5А класса, учитель –
Кузнецова Елена Викторовна

I live in a small Moscow region called Uzhnoe Izmaylovo. The region is surrounded by Izmaylovskiy Park. And I would like to tell you about this beautiful Moscow Park. The woodland is situated in the East of the city. It is not difficult to get there by underground or other means of transport: by bus, by trolleybus or by tram. A lot of citizens visit this place to be healthier, to get a breath of fresh air, to walk along the banks of the ponds and the Serebryanka River. I love our Park in any season. In winter you can ski and sledge there. In summer you can ride a bike along the paths of the most beautiful parts of the park. Izmaylovskiy Park is a historical place. There is an apiary founded by the tsar Aleksey Mihailovich. A little tower was built in honor of those days. And nowadays bees work hard there. They produce honey. Not far from the apiary there is the Zhukovskaya dam. Many years ago it blocked the Serebryanka River. There was the Prosyansky Pond there. On this pond the tsar Peter the Great tested his first boat, when he was a boy. The Royal menagerie was situated in Izmaylovskiy Park too. There is Courage Square which is famous for some events of the Second World War. From this place a lot of volunteers went to protect Moscow from enemies during the War. Every year on May 9 and June 21 my classmates and I visit this Square and put flowers to the monument. There are so many interesting places in the world and they are not far from us.


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