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The Kursk State Puppet Theatre

Schadnih Victorya Yuryevna
Form 10
MBEI Gymnasium № 44
Teacher Elagina Yulia Anatolyevna

I am very proud of the fact that I live in a small provincial town of Kursk, which is rich in different places of interest. There is a striking variety of different theatres in my town and one of them is the Kursk State Puppet Theatre.
The theatre began its work during the war. The first director, Aleksei Danilovich Mshasty, led the creative team, which consisted of only five actors. There were no decorations, dolls or stationary room, but there was a belief in their own strength and a great desire to create a real theater. Since April 1987 up to the present time the director of the theatre has been Kondratova Alexandra. The chief director Valery Bugaev, introduced a new wave of creativity in the team: performances for adults have reappeared. In 2008 the theater received a grant (federal program to support the theater under the patronage of the President of the Russian Federation) to stage "The Little Prince", the first night of which took place in 2009. During its history the theater held about 300 performances, which were attended by more than three million viewers.
Nowadays happy faces of kids and their happy smiles after the show indicate that children enjoy visiting the Kursk State Puppet Theatre very much. It attracts them with its brightness and dynamics.
In 2014 the Kursk State Puppet Theatre will celebrate its 70 anniversary!


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