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The Kursk State Circus

Goncharenko Inna,
10th grade pupil,
MBEI "Gymnasium № 44", Kursk

My native town Kursk is rich in places of interest, which are worth of seeing. One of them has appeared recently. It is Kursk State Circus, opened on the 11th of November, after an extensive reconstruction. The old building burned in a fire, but on its place was built a complex which is the largest and most modern in the country. Also the area in front of it was transformed. There is a monument to Yuri Nikulin and his team-mate Michael Shuydinu with the words "Soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, the great Russian clowns Yuri Nikulin and Mikhail Shuydinu." The area of the new circus, along with the territory - 18.6 thousand square meters. Now the building is completely restored and meets all safety requirements. Particular attention is paid to fire safety, bearing in mind the circumstances under which people of Kursk almost 15 years were left without a circus. The auditorium holds 1840 (there are special places for people with disabilities). Construction works in the circus complex are not complete. The construction of a comfortable five-story hotel with 120 places for artists and visitors of the circus is continuing. Kursk's new circus will be an excellent venue for international circus festivals. Viewers will now enjoy the most light and life-affirming art of the circus, which equally attracts and captivates delights and amazes, surprises and delights all of us -both children and adults.


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