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Cathedrals and churches of Kolomna

Шилова Маргарита Викторовна,
учитель английского языка,
молодой специалист.
МБОУ лицей № 4 г. Коломна

Kolomna is an ancient architectural jewel. Spires and onion domes of its cathedrals can be seen at distance.The church of John the Theologist was built at the end of the XVII century. The bell-tower built later has Empire style but its architecture extremely harmonizes with the church. The bell-tower as the highest building of the old part of the city has become one of Kolomna’s symbols. The Brusensky monastery was established in 1552 by Ivan the Terrible in honour of his capture of Kazan.. Up to the present times only the front wall with the gate and two towers and one separate wall have been preserved. The fence was built by the Russian architect M. F. Kazakov.The Assumption Cathedral was built in 1383 as a memorial to Russian victories on the Kulikov Field. The Assumption Hipped Bell tower was built in 1692. The beauty of forty meters high is situated not far from the Assumption Cathedral. Near the cold “summer” Assumption Cathedral architects built the warm “winter” church of the icon of Our Lady of Tikhvin. The church of Resurrection was built in XV – XVI centuries. In this church there happened one of the most important events in the history of Kolomna. Here in 1366 Dmitry Donskoy got married to Yevdakia Suzdaliskaya.The church of the Elevation of the Cross was built in 1764. Since 1790 till 1825 the church had been housing a replica of the icon of Our Lady of Don. Holy-Trinity Novo-Golutvin Convent is situated in the center of the Kolomna Kremlin. Since 1350 till 1799 on the territory of the Convent there was a Bishop Residence. The Kolomna Eparchy had been existing up to the end of 1799. The Church of Nicola Posadsky has a unique even for its style construction with 5 tiers in the form of the so called “kokoshniks”. Come to our town to enjoy its beauty.


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