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Kolomna, Arbatskaya street

Шилова Алла Ивановна,
учитель английского языка, ВКК.
МБОУ лицей № 4 г. Коломна

Arbatskaya Street is a quiet picturesque street in the old part of Kolomna. All the houses are old and small and nearly each has a tale to tell. The street runs from Shevlyaginskaya Square up to the high bank of the Moskva-river. The square was named after M. N. Shevlyagina, a famous merchant and benefactress. Her main charity act was the building of city waterworks, the first in Moscow region. Water was delivered through notable "Shevlyaginskaya Basseika". The famous surgeon P. Saraphyan, a deserved physician of the RF, lived at 1, Arbatskaya St. He worked in the central hospital and was Head of the Kolomna Medical College. Next to Saraphyan`s house V. A. Zaitsev, Twice Hero of the Soviet Union, a celebrated fighter pilot and our remarkable townsman, lived. At the crossing of Arbatskaya and Posadskaya Streets you can see the magnificent Church of Nicholas Posadsky. It was built in the late XVII century. Just opposite the church B. Pilnyak, a famous Soviet writer, lived. He moved to Kolomna in 1913 and settled at 7, Arbatskaya St. where he began his literary career. At 10, Arbatskaya St. you can see a granite memorial tablet which says that N. M. Kovalsky lived here. He was the insister of the Bogoyavlenskaya Church. He lived all his life with belief in God, goodness and justice. Next to Kovalsky`s there is one more remarkable house connected with the name of the famous Russian poetess A. A. Akhmatova, who visited Kolomna in 1936 and stayed here. The last tourist destination in Arbatskaya St. is Sveshnikov’s house. A. V. Sveshnikov was born in Kolomna and spent his childhood in Posad listening to folk songs in the evenings. His famous “Evening Bells” were born in the quite suburbs of our ancient town. Come to Kolomna and enjoy its history and beauty.


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