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Chita, Museum-church of Decembrists

Kovalenko Vlada Leonidovna,
МОУ СОШ 49 specializing in English

I want to tell to you about the place which I have visited together with my class. It is so called Decembrists church.
The church was constructed in 1776 and now this is the oldest building in Chita. A unique monument of Russian architecture on the territory of Eastern Siberia the two throne wooden church was built in honour of St. Nikolay Chudotvorets and Archangel Michael. The church was built 50 years before the Decembrists were exiled to Siberia, with their names it is now connected.
At that time it was situated near the Chita jail, nowadays this jail doesn’t exist any more. This church witnessed the wedding of Decembrist Ivan Aleksandrovich Annenkov and the Frenchwoman Polina Gebl.
In 1985 the church became a museum which is the monument of republican value. The museum expositions comprise more than 870 unique items – books of Decembrists, lifetime editions of their works, original relics: the watch of N.A.Bestuzhev, M.N.Volkonskoj's casket, M.A.Bestuzheva's little table and other subjects connected with the life of a noble family. Here we can find the documents connected with Decembrists’ staying in Siberia, the letters of Decembrists and their wives. There are many interesting things of that time.
I was there and it was so interesting for me to get aquainted with all these historical things of the past of our country! I want to show you some photos of this Decembrists church.

  • So the church looks now
  • So it looked in those days
  • Here that is inside: It is the list of Decembrists
  • Church from other side


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